CA Political Roundup: Some Gun Bills Defeated, Mandatory Vaccination Bill Also Failed

By Colin Gallagher  9-4-2022

Every year, the Legislature passes a number of anti-gun unconstitutional bills. This year was no exception. However, it was a bit of a surprise to see that two of the bills they had prioritized and even worked hard to get votes on in the final days of the session failed to pass:

Another bill, that would have let teens get vaccinations without parental consent (and which in fact would have made advancing a process of vaccinations without anyone’s consent at the request of the State), was been pulled/removed from consideration due to lack of votes and will not be going to the Governor’s desk.

Of course, the Legislature did pass and the Governor did sign into law, another unconstitutional bill, which creates a $10,000 reward for anyone who initiates civil action against gun owners to claim that we are illegally possessing guns, so there is that. Makes you wonder about the character of your neighbors, I probably will just be transporting my long gun to the car in my inconspicuous gun backpack from here on out (I used to carry the case right out to the car). Other notable bills without final action yet by Governor, but which have passed the Legislature are AB 2223 (a bill that allows genocide of children before or up to 28 days after they are born, with no murder charge under CA law), SB 1384 (new dealer requirements for CA FFLs (gun shops), modeled on the City and County of San Francisco ordinance that caused the last legal gun dealer there to go out of business in 2015), and SB 856 (wild pig validations, a bill which if it becomes law would implement new and significant limitations on how and whether farmers and ranchers can fence or “contain” their property).