Libertarian Party Opposes New Property Tax in Monterey County

By Lawrence Samuels

Measure Q will be on the November 2022 ballot to impose a parcel tax supposedly for childcare. But the measure says nothing about how the money will be spent. There is no provision in the measure to help offset the parent’s cost of childcare/pre-school. Furthermore, considering what has been happening in state-controlled schools, such childcare/pre-schools might be more indoctrination than education.

The arguments below will be published in Voter Guide.  The Libertarian Party of Monterey County Executive Committee has voted to oppose this measure. If you want a “No on Q” yard sign, let us know.

Argument Against Measure Q

This measure, which would impose a $49 annual parcel tax, is profoundly unfair. No matter how little the parcel is worth or how much, the tax will be the same, except for those who are exempt.

Economists have a word for such a tax: it’s regressive. Even though wealthier people tend to own more-valuable property, their tax would be the same as the tax for poorer people who own less-valuable property.

The measure states that the money would be used to do a variety of things. These include, but are not limited to, improving the safety and quality of licensed childcare and early learning programs, constructing and acquiring licensed childcare centers, and expanding the hours and days during which childcare facilities are open. The problem with this wide range of possible uses is that it gives the Commission too much discretion. We don’t know how the funds would end up being used.

Would an extra 5,000 families, or even 2,000 families, get better or cheaper childcare? The measure doesn’t specify. Would there be an annual household income cutoff so that households with income above that cutoff wouldn’t qualify? The measure doesn’t say. Moreover, no provision in the Measure even requires the allocation of funds directly to families to offset the high cost of childcare.

You might take comfort from the fact that there would be a Citizens’ Oversight Committee that would monitor the Commission’s expenditures. But don’t take too much comfort. The measure makes clear that the Committee would be an “advisory body.” It would make recommendations, would review and comment, and would evaluate. But nothing in the measure gives the oversight committee the legal power to allocate funds or change programs.

NO NEW TAXES. Vote No on Measure Q.

Dr. David R. Henderson, economist

Tom Lee, meteorologist

Lawrence Samuels, author, and chair of Seaside Taxpayers Association

Jane Heider, MBA from USC

Rosemarie Barnard, Parent-Educator

Rebuttal to Pro-Q Argument

Measure Q has too many unanswered questions.

All children deserve quality care. Measure Q is not the answer.

Why does First 5 Monterey County need an additional $5.5M per year when they have been amply funded since 1998 with Proposition 10 taxpayer funds and have over $8M in unused cash on their books?

Why have the proponents cherry-picked more than 42,000 (nearly 1/3) of all Monterey County parcel owners to be exempt from this property tax increase while the elderly, poor, single-parent and most veteran property owners will be taxed?

Why should certain industries be exempt from the parcel tax when according to the Measure, their employees will benefit most?

Why is there no provision in the measure to give monies directly to families to offset the high cost of childcare and preschool of their choice?

Why should you trust the care of your child to the government during their most formative early learning years?

Read Measure Q carefully. Measure Q contains no written plan for how the money will be spent and a plan may not be developed for years.

Dr. Tonya Blakemore, MD Pediatric specialist

Rachel Mosqueda, Trustee, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, Retired

Wanda Knauf, Preschool Director Retired

Kim Burdett, Marine Biologist M.S.

Steve Snodgrass, Former candidate, District 2 Supervisor

Groups in opposition to Measure Q

Seaside Taxpayers Association —

Libertarian Party of Monterey County —

Contact: Lawrence Samuels –

“No on Q” signs will be available.