COVID Vaccine Rhetoric And AB 2098 Medical Misinformation Bill

By Chris Kramer  — Sept 10, 2022

Please watch the following 8-minute YouTube video:

Every month the Fire Chief, Mayor, and City Council Members of Seaside, CA, continue to repeat the pre-determined rhetoric that the COVID vaccines are “free, safe, and effective”. Of course, they are just repeating what they are told to say. They have no credentials or expertise in any field that would lend credibility to their insistent rhetoric.

First, let’s tackle the claim that the vaccine is free. It’s not. Sure, people are getting vaccines without paying for them at the time of service. That is not the same as “free”. Not by a long shot. When cities or other entities are paying for the costs of testing and vaccines, it is taxpayer dollars that cover the cost. It is the taxpayers who pay. Taxes go up. This hurts people. And if taxes don’t go up, then it is at the expense of other government services that people will now go without. Some will be quick to point out that health insurance covers the cost of testing and vaccination for many. Okay, that is true. But what is the tradeoff? Higher premiums, higher deductibles, and other reductions of benefits are the tradeoff. So are COVID vaccines free? Resoundingly no!

Second, let’s consider the claim that COVID vaccines are safe. Well, we all know that nothing is without risks. The real question is whether, in context, the vaccines carry a greater risk or whether COVID itself carries a greater risk. There are a lot of variables to consider when making this determination. Everyone is different and has different circumstances to consider. The best decision for some people may be to get the vaccine. Those that should especially consider getting the vaccine are those with diabetes, chronic illness, and over age 65. But a healthy individual aged 30 or under may be taking unwarranted risks. We’ve had time to figure out the level of some potential short-term risks. But what about the medium and long-term risks? We simply cannot know. And what about pregnant and breast-feeding mothers and babies? Science suggests that in men under 40 there is a five times greater risk of cardiomyopathy from taking the Moderna vaccine than from getting COVID. It was recently published in “Circulation”.

City officials and other bureaucrats should understand that repeating the “free, safe, and effective” rhetoric in council meetings is harming people. They should not make blanket statements that lump everyone into the same basket. We all have different circumstances that warrant different decisions. They could just mention that the vaccine is available to those who want it and leave the scientific claims to the scientists. The video at the link above also addresses AB 2098, a bill that would provide for disciplinary action against doctors if they don’t fall in line with the predetermined rhetoric. The dangers of passing such a bill would harm many people. The bill is going before Gov. Newsom of California. Let’s hope that the citizens of California voice their concerns enough that the Governor does not sign this.