Will “The Taxpayer Protection And Government Accountability Act” Be On 2024 Ballot?

Submitted by Chris Kramer – Feb 7, 2024

What if California amended its state constitution to do all of the following:

  • Require all new taxes passed by the Legislature to be approved by voters
  • Restore two-thirds voter approval for all new local special tax increases
  • Clearly define what is a tax or fee
  • Require truthful descriptions of new tax proposals
  • Hold politicians accountable by requiring them to clearly identify how revenue will be spent before any tax or fee is enacted
  • New taxes and fees imposed starting in 2022 unless approved by voters will be canceled within a year of the act going into effect

That is what “The Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act” would do if voters pass the measure. It would give voters final approval on future taxes and fees imposed by state and local governments. The measure has already qualified for the November 2024 ballot. However, Governor Gavin Newsom and legislative Democrats want the California Supreme Court to pull the initiative from the ballot before voters can vote on it.

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