Freedom Coffee March 7 with LP of Monterey County

Friends of Liberty,

Did you know that Monterey County has a Libertarian Party at the County Affiliate level? Are you interested in libertarianism or in meeting other liberty-minded individuals? Come meet & socialize with other liberty & freedom advocates at our next “Freedom Coffee” on Thursday, March 7, 11am, at East Village Cafe, in Monterey, CA.

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Word of mouth: We NEED YOUR HELP. Let Libertarians in Monterey County know that we have a County Affiliate. Ask them if they want to get involved! We need to grow our membership! Monterey County DOES have Libertarians. OVER 2000 registered Libertarians in Monterey County! We need to reach them!

How might you be interested in getting involved with LPMC in 2024?

Chris Kramer
Vice Chair, LP of Monterey County