What Is Critical Race Theory?

By Chris Kramer — 10/27/2022

Proponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT) often falsely criticize those who reject CRT for being against the teaching of U.S. and black history. However, these proponents are conflating CRT with the teaching of U.S. history. Educating children on U.S. history is paramount. Nobody is saying otherwise. Folks are rejecting CRT, NOT history. CRT is anti-American and is being taught in K-12 schools. Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo finds that CRT has permeated our universities, bureaucracies, and K-12 school systems, as well as the decision-making process of American government. He backs it up with many examples.

According to Rufo, CRT is built on a framework of identity-based Marxism. It divides people along racial lines into victims and oppressors. Supporters explicitly reject the American principle of “Equality,” embracing instead the Marxist principle of “Equity”. CRT theorists have advocated for suspension of private property rights, seizure of land and wealth, and redistribution along racial lines.

Rufo concludes, “An equity-based form of government would mean the end not only of private property, but also of individual rights, equality under the law, federalism, and freedom of speech. These would be replaced by race-based redistribution of wealth, group-based rights, active discrimination, and omnipotent bureaucratic authority.”

Read more from Rufo about CRT in the March 2021 issue of Imprimis: