I Urge Voters to Support Lawrence Samuels for Carmel Unified School District School Board

By Chris Kramer —– October 31, 2022

I urge everyone to vote for Lawrence Samuels for School Board for Carmel Unified School District on November 8, 2022. Mr. Samuels supports Parents’ Rights and greater parental involvement in education. This includes the ability of parents to make decisions regarding the education of their children. Not political bureaucracies. Mr. Samuels advocates for classical liberal education, higher educational standards, and reduced bureaucracy in schools, not indoctrination, political bias, and teaching of Critical Race Theory against the wishes of parents. Mr. Samuels also believes that school boards and teachers’ unions should not have the ability to hide information about students from their parents. It would be great if voters knew what stance the two incumbents take on these issues. However, both declined to respond to questions on these issues from me, despite being given the opportunity on two occasions. If the incumbents don’t feel accountable to voters to respond to questions about their candidacy, then perhaps it’s time for them to be replaced. Mr. Samuels is officially endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Monterey County as well as the Libertarian Party of California. Please consider voting for Mr. Lawrence Samuels.