The 2021 Crime Report from Seaside, CA

By Chris Kramer

Notable comments from the 2021 crime report, as reported by the acting police chief of Seaside, to the city council on 2/3/2022:

1. “Crime went up overall by 3%.”

2. “Our robberies went up by 40% in 2021.”

3. “Assaults went up substantially. So we had 81 assaults. Which is very high, as opposed to 42 in 2020. They went up 93%.”

4. “There’s also some things we’ve looked at to try to determine why these numbers are so high. And I will say there is an overarching theme of how some of the COVID shelter-in-places have impacted not only our community, but really the nation.”

5. “But the shelter-in-place certainly had a lot of folks within the home. We had an increase in our domestic violence. We had an increase of family tension within the home. A lot of kids weren’t going to school so we saw a lot of family assaults happening from within households. And that number is definitely reflective of that.”

6. “Our burglaries slightly went up, by 8%.”

7. “Auto thefts increased by 14%.”

Unfortunately, crime is just one of the terrible consequences of the pandemic lockdowns. Others: drastic increases in suicide, overdoses, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, & psych issues. Tyrannical mandates tend to have detrimental consequences, despite stated intentions. And those who are responsible should be held accountable!