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Liberty Virus

What is the "Sticky-note Campaign?"

The mainstream media, entertainment industry and social media (and increasingly, corporate America) have created a near monopoly on political discourse in this country. MCLP has devised a novel “end-run” around all of them to reach liberty minded individuals. Short, provocative observations to confront the local representative of their political machine on a 3” x 3" sticky note, distributed by an all-volunteer, self-funded, decentralized workforce.

Do we “have it in” for Jimmy Panetta?

Not particularly. He’s just another likable career-politician on the public teat. He’s every bit as divisive and destructive as Nancy Pelosi because he votes pretty much as she does. He’s a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. That presents deep implications about his intentions. He either doesn’t understand how our representative republic is supposed to work or he doesn’t care. Either way he has failed us. Let’s not continue to reward failure.

Want to join in our action?

There are two ways you can jump into the fray;

  1. Come to our next meeting (check out the “Events” page on this site) and pick- up one free sticky-note tablet.
  2. Have your sticky-notes mailed to you.
  1. Order one FREE tablet (25 sheets) of sticky-notes. We pick the message, you pay only $2.00 shipping and handling.
  2. Sponsor an entire sticky-note printing. The significant price break occurs at 1,000, (25 sheet) tablets for $390. They’ll charge for the taxes and shipping for a total of about $440. We’ll send you as many of the tablets from your order as you like and we’ll distribute the rest to Libertarians who want to post them around Monterey County.

If you can’t afford $440 right now, you can click the “Custom Amount” button and throw what you can afford into the pot. Your donation will be added to our other resources to fight for liberty at the local level.

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