Why Is Housing So Unaffordable?

Submitted By Chris Kramer – Jan 24, 2024

This is a GREAT 15 minute video from Hannah Cox that explains why housing is so unaffordable. It dispels all of the myths for all of the bogeymans that commonly get blamed (ie. landlords, capitalism, investment companies, wages). And it points out what the underlying causes are, and where the blame lays, in actuality. This video couldn’t be more timely. Monterey County has seen ordinances in Salinas and Monterey pass for Rental Registries, and Salinas is pushing forward with Rent Stabilization. This should tie in well with the talk that Dr. David Henderson will be giving at the end of the week, Jan 26, at our Annual LPMC Meeting & Pizza Dinner to be held at Round Table Pizza. Dr. Henderson will deliver a talk titled, “How To Make Housing More Affordable”. Dr. Henderson will be followed by a Judge and Grand Jurors from the Civil Grand Jury. But for now, check out this informative video about why housing is so unaffordable. Arm yourself with information to educate our community members.

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Chris Kramer
Vice Chair, LP of Monterey County