The 2024 Libertarian Party of Monterey County (LPMC) Annual Meeting – (Pizza Dinner, Speech, Elections) – Jan 26, 2024

Submitted By Chris Kramer — Jan 7, 2024

LPMC 2023 In Review:

We had our 2023 annual meeting & elections in January 2023. Physicist Dr. Michael Hogan was our speaker. Dr. Hogan spoke about National Energy Policy, Electric Vehicles, and Global Warming. LPMC joined the Libertarians For Peace in the 4th of July Parade. In July, LPMC hosted a central area meetup in Monterey for libertarians from all around central California counties to come together & meet. Through the year, LPMC has been hosting either a “Freedom Coffee” or a “Liberty & Libations” Happy Hour every month for libertarians and liberty minded folks to come together and meet other like-minded liberty advocates. LPMC tabled at a Parents Rights Forum and also tabled at a Voter Registration Event at MPC. What took up a significant amount of LPMC time and effort was the fight against the Monterey rental registry ordinance. Quarterly business meetings are held. And our elections, pizza dinner, & annual meeting is coming up again on January 26, 2024, at which economist Dr. David Henderson will be speaking on “How To Make Housing More Affordable”. Following Dr. Henderson’s talk, we will have Judge Stephanie Hulsey, current Grand Juror Andrea Kingman, and former Grand Juror Tom Mastre speaking to us about the Monterey County Civil Grand Jury. Pizza is courtesy of LPMC. Please join us!!!

If you have never been a dues paying member, please consider becoming one. Also, many who are dues paying members have let their dues lapse. Your dues help support the LPMC & LPCA. Annual dues are $25. Please consider renewing your dues. Use the link below to submit dues. You can also pay in person. (Reminder that you must be a dues paying member & registered LP to vote and/or be elected to executive committee.)

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Chris Kramer
Vice Chair, LP of Monterey County