OAKLAND STOP CANCELLED – Take Human Action Tour Coming to Oakland in May – OAKLAND STOP CANCELLED

By Chris Kramer – Feb 16, 2023


The LP is bringing its Take Human Action Tour to Oakland for one of its tour date stops on May 13 & 14, 2023. The tour will be featuring the likes of Tom Woods, Dave Smith, Maj Toure, Jeff Deist, Scott Horton, Michael Rectenwald, Gene Epstein, Michael Boldin, Ryan McMaken, Murray Sabrin, Larry Sharpe, Mike Maharrey, Patrick Newman, Per Bylund, Antonia Okafor, Jonathan Newman, Keith Knight, Kevin Matthews, Amy LePore, and Marc Lobliner.

Quoting from the website:

“The Take Human Action tour is fundamental to Project Decentralized Revolution. This 8-city tour features our biggest Libertarian heroes and thought leaders promoting Austrian Economics, nullification and decentralization, war and peace, gun rights, and free speech.”

“On the Sunday following each Saturday event, each tour stop will feature a day of campaign training in support of Project Decentralized Revolution’s “Run as Libertarian” effort. This effort is recruiting candidates and campaign managers around the country to target winnable local races (city council, school board, mayor, sheriff, judge) that can make a meaningful difference opposing federal tyranny through local nullification. Visit RunAsLibertarian.com to join the 250+ candidates and campaign managers who have already signed up.”

Follow the links below to learn more about the Take Human Action Tour, Project Decentralized Revolution, and Run As A Libertarian.