Sign The “Renters Against Rent Control” Petition

Submitted by Chris Kramer – Jan 31, 2024

Friends Of Liberty,

A new petition has been created and is being circulated for the new “Renters Against Rent Control” organization in Monterey County. We really need help spreading it around to get renters in Monterey County to sign the petition. Please save the link and send it to as many renters as you know as well as share on social media and anywhere you can think of. If you are a renter against rent control in Monterey County please sign it! If you know other renters, share it! If you are a landlord and have a great relationship with your tenants, share it with them as well ! If we can garner enough signatures it would be great to be able to show this petition to city council members! I’m a renter and I’m the first signature! Thank you in advance for your help!

Sign the Petition

Chris Kramer
Vice Chair, LP of Monterey County