POTUS Candidate Mike ter Maat Comes To Monterey

By Chris Kramer — Nov. 21, 2022

(Presidential Candidate Mike ter Maat (far left) is pictured with members of the LPMC Executive Committee)

On November 13, 2022, Libertarian presidential candidate Mike ter Maat traveled to Monterey and shared his vision with members of the Libertarian Party of Monterey County (LPMC). Mr. ter Maat is seeking the LP nomination. His resume shows that he was a former candidate for Congress, pro-reform police officer for 11 years, former White House economist, economics professor, and free-market advocate, among other qualifications. Mr. ter Maat believes that the federal government has too much power, takes up too much of our resources, and points out that too much of those resources are used on war. Mr. ter Maat believes that we need a fundamentally different relationship between us and the government, which he calls The Gold New Deal.

Mr. ter Maat’s platform includes:

            *Opposes the abuse of military force

            *Close the war on poverty

            *Outlaw public school monopolies

            *Privatize the federal reserve

            *Cap federal spending

            *Limit the scope of federal government

            *Strengthen citizens’ right to redress violations of the 10th Amendment

            *Term limits for Congress & SCOTUS

            *Police accountability & transparency

            *End qualified immunity for police

            *Decriminalize victimless activity

            *Reform sentencing guidelines

Learn about Presidential candidate Mike ter Maat and the Gold New Deal: