Monterey City Council Breaks Your Leg & Hands You A Crutch

Submitted By Chris Kramer — Nov 20, 2024

On Nov 7, 2023, the Monterey City Council approved a Rental Registry Ordinance with a 4-1 vote. This new ordinance will definitely cause homelessness to increase in the city when rental unit availability goes down, and the shortage leaves people who cannot afford to own with nowhere to rent. The irony is that just one evening later, on Nov 8, the city was inviting the public to attend a Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention Community Input Session. Ironic for two reasons. First, the City Council just passed an ordinance the night prior that will be a cause of homelessness. Second, the City Council went against community input from Town Hall & City Council meetings when it passed the ordinance. Why was there interest in homelessness and community input on Nov 8, but no interest on Nov 7? The City of Monterey & Mayor Tyller Williamson say they are concerned about Monterey’s homeless population and the prevention of further homelessness. Not only does homelessness not seem to be a priority for Mayor Tyller Williamson and City Council, but they are intent on policies that are going to worsen the problem. The community pleaded with the Mayor and Council since May, if not earlier, that the community did not want the rental registry. The council passed it anyway, despite wide scale objections. Seeing as how the Council just passed an ordinance that will increase homelessness despite community input, it’s difficult to find the City’s request for a community input session on Homeless Prevention anything but disingenuous.