Letter to Editor on Sales Tax Increase in City of Monterey, CA

Monterey Herald, Nov. 24, 2019

Fiscal emergency shows city’s ineptitude

As the city of Monterey votes on declaring a fiscal emergency based on a study done by a private “neutral” firm, we are reminded of the city’s financial ineptitude.

Not only will they vote on whether or not to declare a fiscal emergency, but they will also be voting on creating an emergency election asking us, the taxpayers, to front the bill. They want to raise the sales tax another .5 cents to the dollar. They are voting on declaring the fiscal emergency, just to ask the taxpayer to pay more sales tax in a city that has shown to consistently mismanage taxpayer money.

Where is all of the money going that tourism has generated for the city? Where is all of the money going that taxpayers already pay?! The declaration of a fiscal emergency is an attempt of the city of Monterey to pull one over on its citizens. This has been going on for decades, and we must stop this now.

We must stand up against the City Council and hold them accountable for their lack of fiscal responsibility. We will not let this money grab go unnoticed.

Brandon Kelsey, Marina