Join the Libertarian Party

What is a member?
A member is someone who has voting rights in the affairs of their county and state party by having signed the Non-Initiation of Force certificate, plus either paying dues or currently serving in a California public office that you won running as a registered Libertarian.

I’m a registered Libertarian, doesn’t that make me a Party member already?
No. Registered voters are affiliated with the Party, but are not automatically members. Membership is the next step in political involvement.

What is the exact wording of the pledge?
The Libertarian Party pledge: “I certify that I oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.”

Why do I need to sign the pledge?
Our bylaws require that members sign the pledge. It helps to ensure that we remain a peaceful party dedicated to change via the ballot box.

What happens if I don’t sign the pledge?
If you send an amount equal to the membership dues but don’t sign the pledge, you will not have voting rights on questions of party business.

Do I get a subscription to a newsletter?
In some counties, you’ll receive a county newsletter. The state Party provides news to our members through our monthly online newsletter, and our RSS feed. Both of those services are free and opt-in only, and if you subscribe to them, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

How do I join? 
Please send a check for $25 payable to The Monterey County Libertarian Party along with a signed copy of the Libertarian Pledge to the following address:

The Libertarian Party of Monterey County
Attn: Secretary
P.O. Box 22231
Carmel, CA 93922

Or go to the Libertarian Party of California page —

Monterey County…..